Two men working on a robotic project.

Robotics Training Certificate

GRANT FUNDED: 8 week, 150-hour program.  Robotics Students are introduced to powering up, setting speed, error and fault recovery, as well as program copying, editing and running.  Students will learn about macros, program and file manipulation and integrating robots into a mechatronics system.  Students who complete the Robotics portion of the program by passing the online modules, hands-on labs and final exam, will receive the FANUC CERT “Handling Tool Operations and Programming” Cert Level I.  This training prepares students for the content within the advanced manufacturing credit program material.  Programmable Logic Controllers students set up communication with a PLC, create and run ladder logic programs on a PLC, and incorporate a number of different program instructions including (timers, counters, math functions, move instructions, sequences, etc.).


More Information

For more information on this program, please contact:

Kimberly Jones, M.Ed.

Phone: 978-556-3067


Sharon Schoolcraft

NECC Corporate and Community Education Center
Phone: 978-556-3062