Kitchen interior decoration.

Interior Design Certificate Program!

This program is for you if you’re interested in entering the interior design field or just want more knowledge of interior design principles.

Students must take the following courses to earn a certificate, which will be available as listed. 

  • IDEC3001 The Fundamentals of Interior Design

  • IDEC3003 Lighting & Accessories

  • IDEC3004 Kitchen & Bath Residential Studio,

  • IDEC3005 Retail & Hospitality Studio

  • IDEC3006 Portfolio & Electronic Presentations


Required Text for IDEC3001 Fundamentals of Interior Design: The Interior Plan, ISBN# 978-1-5013-1047-8


*No Other Courses Require Text*




Foam Core (20X30) for presentations (when needed for in person class)

Graph paper

Double-sided tape

Mechanical pencil

Architectural ruler or straight edge.

Roll of trace paper/ pad


Tape measure



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