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Culinary Arts

 Our public classes offer “hands on” and classroom learning by industry professionals. Culinary classes will adopt a “Learn it by doing it” approach to the skills you need to impress family and friends at your next gathering.  Other classes will offer detailed instruction and professional certifications to enhance your knowledge on a specific topic related to food, culinary arts and agriculture. Material fees (ingredients, supplies, etc.) are included in the cost. Please inform us of any food allergies.

The new NECC Culinary Club is ready for you!

Take advantage of the six-month membership and learn how to make fabulous cuisine from all over the world. The Culinary Club lets you take courses at our state-of-the-art culinary kitchen at Haverhill Heights at a substantial discount. You choose the culinary courses you want in your bundle from our growing list of available choices. Get discounts when you take three, four or five courses:

Join us to grow your culinary skills and take advantage of these significant savings!

The name of the various levels of culinary bundles are purely for marketing purposes and do not constitute training to achieve a title by that name.

*Holiday Baking Classes are not eligible to be included in a bundle*


Fall 2024 Culinary Class Schedule


9/28.....Chelo Kebob & Persian Kotlet



10/5.....Japanese Izayaka Small Dishes

10/7.....Chicken Tikka Masala & Saag Paneer

10/19...Making Pasta from Scratch

10/26...Chicken Kebobs



11/2.....Vietnamese Street Food (New Menu!)

11/4.....Thanksgiving Reinvented - Vegetarian

11/13...Cooking w/ Beer, Wine, and Spirits

11/26...Thanksgiving Pie Prep (Not Eligible for Bundle)



12/7.....Thai Street Food (New Menu!)

12/9.....Samosa Workshop

12/14...The Great Christmas Cookie Exchange (Not Eligible for Bundle)

12/21...The Great Christmas Cookie Exchange (Not Eligible for Bundle)


*All classes are held at the Haverhill Heights Building, 160 Merrimack St. Haverhill, MA, 3rd floor.*



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