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Accounting & Bookkeeping Fundamentals Certificate Program

Understanding basic accounting principles and maintaining accurate financial records is critical for all business and nonprofit organizations. This hands-on certificate program provides an overview of basic financial concepts plus QuickBooks and is perfect for anyone interested in starting on this career path, for those who need a refresher and for entrepreneurs managing their own books.

Complete the Fundamentals of Accounting and Bookkeeping I and II plus Computerized Accounting and Bookkeeping Using QuickBooks to earn the certificate of completion.

Students successfully completing this noncredit certificate program may also earn 3 credits (as the equivalent of ACC101) applicable toward their NECC associate degree or certificate program.

Additional courses in Excel and QuickBooks also strongly recommended. Bring pencil, eraser and calculator to Fundamentals I and II courses. Bring flash drive to Computerized Accounting & Bookkeeping Using QuickBooks course.

Instructor:  Nancy Lebeau