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Effective Management Skills for Today's Workplace

In our 'Post-Pandemic' world, managers and supervisors need to approach new workplace challenges with fresh thinking and a steadiness that others can count on. No leader is going to fully succeed utilizing the skill set they obtained Pre-Pandemic. Understanding that workplace needs have changed, NECC is proud to introduce our new Effective Management Skills for Today’s Workplace 10-week certificate program.

Managing and supervising in today’s workplace will now require:

  • deeper empathy,
  • well-developed self-awareness, and
  • an energy level that brings employees together for a common purpose

Engaging new employees, while re-engaging an existing workforce, and deciding how employee safety and well-being will be re-built for these times are only two of the many opportunities for current and near-future leaders to pioneer.

Classes will cover (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Increasing your self-awareness
  • Deepening and expressing empathy that employees feel and appreciate
  • The supervisor is a leader
  • Leading the work team
  • Delegation and performance feedback
  • Managing personnel issues
  • Creating a climate for motivation and positive work relationship
  • Facilitating innovation and problem solving in a hybrid work setting

This program is designed for:

  • New Supervisors / Managers
  • Employees who desire a supervisory role
  • Employees new to managing people
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers

If you are looking to enhance your supervisory / managerial skills and advance your career, this program is for you!


The following courses are required to earn the certificate of completion.

  • Adjusting to the ‘Post-Pandemic’ Workplace (and introduction to the program)
  • A Supervisor/Manager Must also Be a Leader
  • How to Build a ‘Start with Why’ Culture with Those You Lead
  • Building Essential Planning, Organizing & Administrative Skills
  • Developing & Utilizing Emotional Intelligence
  • Modern Performance Management Involves These ‘Big Five: “Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling Delegation & Performance Feedback”
  • “Building, Maintaining & Repairing Trust” with Your Team
  • Building a Motivated & Positive Work Team
  • Effective Conflict Management in the Workplace
  • The Leader as an Excellent Communicator (and steps to keep developing as a supervisor)

*NOTE: For online classes, the Zoom link will be sent out the day of the class by the instructor.*


Jeff Davis is a results-oriented senior learning consultant, with a background in Professional Development Program Design & Mgmt. He has been fortunate to work across the private, public and non-profit sectors. His clients describe him as an enthusiastic resource; offering practical competency-building, maximizing the talent and capabilities of employees at every level.

His 'sweet spot' is equipping front line supervisors and mid-level managers, as they deal with the daily challenge of operationalizing strategy into tactical execution. There are so many 'leadership moments' for front line supervisors and mid-level managers. His role is often to train and coach them with an 'inside out' leadership development model.


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