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Nonprofit Management Certificate Program

Designed for anyone interested in learning to create or manage a nonprofit organization effectively and efficiently, this lively, practical, information rich program covers critical aspects of nonprofit management which will aid in your professional growth while helping make your nonprofit a success! Whether new to the field, a seasoned nonprofit professional, board member or volunteer wishing to sharpen your skills, complete just those courses of interest, or complete them all for maximum benefit and to earn the certificate of completion. 

The following courses are required to earn the certificate of completion:

  • NPRF1003 Nonprofit Sector Overview & Best Management Practices & Cultural Diversity
  • NPRF1004 Legal Issues of the Nonprofit Sector
  • NPRF1005 Board Development & Engagement
  • NPRF1007 Nonprofit Fiscal Management
  • NPRF1006 Strategic Planning
  • NPRF1010 Effective Marketing
  • NPRF1009 Resource Development: From Fundraising & Making the Ask to Grant Writing & Management
  • NPRF1008 Volunteer Management

*NOTE: For online classes, the Zoom link will be sent out the day of the class by the instructor.*

Asterisked modules also count toward the Certificate in Board Governance (see website and notation at end of this section for more info).


Amanda Nelson, with extensive experience as a nonprofit consultant, board member, instructor and attorney.